Condensed matter physics with cold atoms and molecules

Our group’s research is focused on quantum materials realized with ultracold atomic and molecular gases. The interdisciplinary experiments we perform combine atomic physics techniques, such as atom cooling and trapping, with ideas from condensed matter physics and quantum information. By cooling dilute gases to temperatures only a few billionths of a degree above absolute zero, we bring them into a regime where their behavior is dominated by quantum mechanics.

Ultracold gases cleanly realize theoretical models of condensed matter materials with complete, dynamical control over microscopic parameters. This makes them ideal platforms for studying correlated physics in regimes that are computationally intractable. Quantum materials, including high temperature superconductors, topological insulators and quantum magnets, exhibit unconventional phenomena that make them candidates for a wide range of applications ranging from quantum information processing to low-dissipation electronics. In our lab, we engineer quantum systems that are inspired by interesting solid-state materials and harness the flexibility of cold atoms and molecules to push the boundaries of physics that can be probed with electronic matter. The insights we gain guide material scientists in their ongoing quest for engineering novel quantum materials.

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