28.10.2019: Paper on angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of a Fermi-Hubbard system is published in Nature Physics.

08.01.2019: Congratulations to Dr. Peter Brown on his successful PhD defense!

12.06.2018: Our work on bad metallic transport in Fermi-Hubbard systems is published in Science!

10.22.2018: Congratulations to Dr. Peter Schauss for starting his own group at the University of Virginia and for being a finalist for the 2018 Blavatnik Regional Award

09.21.2018: Congratulations to Dr. Debayan Mitra for a successful thesis defense and best wishes for a successful post-doc in the Doyle group at Harvard!

09.11.2018: Graduate students Ben Spar and Jason Rosenberg join the lab. Welcome!

06.18.2018: Our paper on “Probing the Quench Dynamics of Antiferromagnetic Correlations in a 2D Quantum Ising Spin System” is published in PRX.

06.04.2018: Undergraduate Maria-Claudia Popescu joins the lab for the summer. Welcome Claudia!

04.05.2018: Congratulations to Lysander Christakis on being awarded an NSF fellowship!

10.23.2017: Our paper on “Quantum gas microscopy of an attractive Fermi-Hubbard system” is published in Nature Physics.

09.28.2017: Our paper on “Spin-imbalance in a 2D Fermi-Hubbard system” is published in Science.

09.01.2017: Graduate student Lysander Christakis joins the lab. Welcome Lysander!

10.14.2016: Waseem is selected for a Packard fellowship.

04.06.2016: New paper on “Phase separation and pair condensation in a spin-imbalanced 2D Fermi gas”

03.29.2016: Congratulations to Laura Chang on winning an NSF fellowship!

15.01.2016: Waseem gets a Young Investigator award from AFOSR. Thank you AFOSR for supporting our research!

10.01.2015: Welcome to Peter Schauss, our new Dicke Fellow and graduate students Laura Chang and Elmer Guardado-Sanchez!

06.01.2015: Congratulations to Mark Stone on winning the Kephart prize, Joe Scherrer the Kusaka Memorial prize and Adam Bowman the Pyka Memorial prize.

04.02.2015: Congratulations to Peter Brown on receiving an NDSEG fellowship!

03.27.2015: A workshop named “Topological and strongly correlated phases in cold atoms” will be held at Princeton Apr. 30 to May 1, 2015. Registration and program is here.

03.11.2015: Quantum gas microscopy of fermions has arrived!

02.01.2015: Congratulations to Peter Schauss who will be joining us this Fall on a Dicke post-doctoral fellowship.

12.10.2014: Lithium lab achieves a molecular Bose-Einstein condensate.

09.29.2014: Undergraduate Mark Stone joins the lab for his senior thesis.

05.29.2014: Lithium lab traps atoms in a MOT!

02.20.2014: Moving in to the new lab!

02.18.2014: Waseem is awarded a Sloan Research Foundation fellowship.

01.22.2014: Welcome Joe Scherrer and Adam Bowman!

12.15.2013: Nature Physics publishes News & Views article on inducing Feshbach molecule production with spin-orbit coupling.

11.05.2013: Dr. Stanimir Kondov joins as a post-doctoral associate.

10.18.2013: Undergraduate Nathan Agmon joins the group.

10.10.2013: Undergraduate Arka Adhikari joins the group.

09.02.2013: PhD students Debayan Mitra and Peter Brown join the group.

09.01.2013: Laboratory for ultracold atoms and quantum optics starts at Princeton.